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The Power of VISION

• Do you want to discover your true dream or purpose?
• Would you like to eliminate fear, doubt, and worry and move toward your goals with confidence?
• Do you want to achieve greater results with less effort?

During this dynamic talk, you will unlock the code for success so that you can harness your life’s purpose and the prosperity you deserve. You will walk away with 3 keys to accelerating your results.

You will learn:

  • Simple thinking-strategies that will guard you from fear, doubt and worry
  • How to create sustained success
  • The number one factor that causes people to lose steam when going after a dream, and how to stay motivated and override it
  • A proven method for dissolving resistance and create greater results

Life By Design

Andrea never took the road most traveled. Although she achieved national success in track, she chose to pursue an education over a collegiate sports career. As one of the few African American women in the Case Western Reserve University engineering program, Andrea learned to commit to excellence no matter what the circumstances.

Her unique journey continued as she chose her best path through a successful corporate career and victory over cancer, twice. Through it all, she realized if you want to have the life you desire, you have to be deliberate in creating it. In this talk, Andrea shares three guidelines to design your life and create success.

You will learn:

  • Who you are at your core
  • Strategies to create the life you want
  • A roadmap to where you want to be

The Last Curve

In order to run the 400 meters, an athlete has to have a great combination of power, speed and endurance. In this race, the competition begins in the final stretch, the most challenging part of the race. Andrea shares the lessons she learned from mastering one of the toughest races in track and field.

The Last Curve holds principles for having a successful mindset and a successful life: overcoming mental limitations, staying focused on the end goal and surpassing boundaries to reach your greatest potential. A fun and informative talk, Andrea easily relates both her story and the keys to a powerful mindset to a diverse audience, inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds.

You will learn:

  • How your thinking determines your life
  • Strategies to eliminate the negative
  • How to create a vision to accelerate results 

The Beautiful Journey: 3 Steps to Moves from Pain to Purpose

Every experience we have is neutral; we get to choose whether it's good or bad. As a two-time cancer survivor, Andrea understands the importance of perspective and being able to see the beauty in all things. She is a firm believer that when we go through trials and tribulations, they just aren't happening to us but for us.

In this engaging talk, Andrea shares her story of resilience and gives the 3-step prescription for unleashing the possibilities within. She empowers the audience to take reign over their lives and go on their own "Beautiful Journey."

The Pursuit of EXCELLENCE

Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. EXCELLENCE, then, is not an act but a habit.” If that’s true, then EXCELLENCE is not just an act of DOing but it's also a state of BEing.

In this energetic and thought-provoking presentation, you will be provided tools that will help you create success through EXCELLENCE in all areas of your life.

With confidence and grace, you will gain the following insights:

  • Who You Are...REALLY? 
  • How Paradigms Create Reality
  • The 7 BEs of EXCELLENCE
  • How the Pursuit of EXCELLENCE Creates Success

EXCELLENCE is not only what you do but who you BEcome!

Other topics:

  • Moving from Good to Great: 4 Skills to Propel You to Higher Success
  • Courageous Leadership: 3 Principles To Succeed as a Leader
  • The Magic of Authenticity: How to Embrace the Real You
  • Releasing the Routine: The Power of Getting Unstuck


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